New house in a protected special area of conservation (SAC)

Location:Ceannchor Road Howth North County Dublin

Status:Pre Planning


Project for the design of a high specification large contemporary house of 750M2 on a cliff top site with magnificent sea views.

The North-South orientated site extends from Ceannchor Road to the North to the Howth head cliff walk to the South.

The form of the house was derived from it’s surroundings, from the desire to leave as much of the site as untouched as possible so as to protect it’s inherent character, the various routes throughout the site, the views of the rocky outcrop of Howth head to the North, the sea to the East, South & West and the Baily lighthouse to the South East and to retain the mature trees and plants found on the site. Previously established building lines from a former demolished dwelling dictated the position of the new house on the site.

Designed to be visually unobtrusive and conceived as a rock that has been eroded on all sides to allow light in, views out and to accommodate existing trees, the house incorporates the slow gradient of the site, designed to be unseen from both Ceannchor Road and the cliff path, it is organised over three levels, with two floors to the North stepping down to three floors to the South.

The house is designed around a central triple height circulation zone, which allows light in and provides both a constant visual connection and access between all three levels of the house and the site with the accommodation laid out on each floor around this zone.

The principle open plan living spaces are located on the entrance level opening out to both the garden and the terrace, bedrooms & bathrooms are on the first floor level including additional living space to take advantage of the views with the recreational accommodation located on the lower level opening directly out to the garden.

Site Area:7150 M2
Floor Area:750 M2

01 Main Entrance
02 Entrance hallway
03 Utility Room
04 Kitchen
05 Dining Room
06 Living Room
07 Bedroom
08 WC
09 Dressing Room
10 Master Bedroom
11 Study
12 Adults Living Room
13 Store
14 WC
15 Gym
16 Kids Living Room

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